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You'd think that at the biggest comic book convention in the country, in a city teeming with 20-year-old girls dressed as Storm Troopers and 40-year-old virgins -- um, I mean 40-year-old men -- dressed in diapers and angel wings, a movie such as 'Spider-Man 3' would dominate the scene. Not so this year at Comic-Con. Despite the fact that the conference drew almost the entire principal cast of 'Spidey 3,' it was Universal's 'Accepted' that made its presence felt more than any other film.

Although it's not based on a comic, the flick -- about college-bound teens that didn't actually get accepted to college and thus start a fictional university called the South Hampton Institute of Technology (yes, that is S.H.I.T. for short) -- is definitely right in the wheelhouse of the Comic-Con demographic, so it's no surprise that the studio chose to blow it out in San Diego this week. Universal did so by holding a buttload of free screenings, throwing a huge kegger on the lawn of the Hilton Gaslight Hotel and flying the entire cast in to participate.

Having seen the film, I am happy to report that 'Accepted' is very funny and even charming in its unabashed desire to follow in the footsteps of 'Animal House' and 'Old School.' I am equally pleased to report that the folks over at Universal know how to throw a pretty good keg party. Below are some photos and highlights from the night ...

Accepted Kegger

Nothing makes a guy or gal feel more welcome than a big banner like the one pictured to the right. Walking into the party and seeing that just makes you want to shout, "They like me! They really, really like me!" Once inside, the beer was flowing like wine, as were some sugary frozen drinks that defied classification. Also served was a dessert created by one of the characters in the film known as a "wad." It's a brownie-like substance that includes pretty much every delicious flavor in the sugar family. I highly recommend trying one if you get the chance.

Accepted Kegger

The Ringers, a band who appeared in the film, showed up to play a set of modern and classic rock. Members of the 'Accepted' cast -- such as an afro-sporting Adam Herschman (pictured) -- got so into it, they jumped up on the stage and started singing along.

Accepted Kegger

Things really started to get out of hand, however, when the S.H.I.T. mascot -- who just so happens to be a sandwich (yep, that does indeed make him an S.H.I.T. sandwich) -- got up on stage to sing and then promptly dove into the cheering masses. A crowd-surfing S.H.I.T. sandwich -- there's a first time for everything.

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