Finally, life has purpose! Speaking at Comic-Con this past weekend, those Broken Lizard boys announced plans for a long awaited sequel to their underground cult flick Super Troopers. Though an official announcement has not been made, according to Moviehole, the Lizard's were confident the film would begin shooting soon. Is that a good thing? Based on the horrific tale that was Club Dread, I'm not sure these guys would know clever comedy if it repeatedly smashed them over the head. Seriously, after watching the trailer for Broken Lizard's upcoming film, Beerfest, I could actually see the brain cells escaping my head and leaping to their death.

Super Troopers 2, which will be a prequel to the original, finds the comedy troupe playing the father's of their characters in the first film. Having mildly enjoyed Super Troopers, I sincerely hope the sequel (or prequel) entertains. Heck, it's set in the 70s -- mix a whole lot of drugs with an afro or two and you've got yourself a winner. Right?

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