Farrell's Stalker Files Restraining Order!

The other day, I told you how a woman from The Tonight Show audience approached Colin Farrell while the actor was on stage during a live taping. Well, the plot thickens! The stalker (who we'll call Dessarae Bradford) has apparently filed a lawsuit against Farrell alleging the Miami Vice star is stalking her. In return, Farrell filed a restraining order against the woman fearing she cause harm to his family. Wait, it still gets better -- Ms. Bradford has also written a book called Colin Farrell: A Dark Twisted Puppy, which she handed out to journalists during a press conference. (Note to Cinematical: Thank you for not sending me to cover said press conference.) Hold the phone folks, it gets even better! Bradford, a one-time phone sex operator, has also recorded a song called -- wait for it -- "Colin Farrell is My Bitch." See Colin, that's what happens when you accidentally wind up sleeping with half the world.

Tom Cruise Wants His Name Back!

Though he's not off in the Caribbean with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, Tom Cruise has won a battle against a different set of pirates, hell-bent on using the actor's name to steer fans arriving on tomcruise.com towards a different site selling goods and services. The dangerous internet pirates, who go by the mysterious name of Network Operation Center/Alberta Hot Rods, were ordered to hand the domain name over to Cruise ... or else, well, (insert your best "Scientology Takes Over the World" joke here).

DiCaprio to the Rescue!

While attending a Madonna concert in New York City last week, Leonardo DiCaprio was forced to call upon his alter-ego, Wheelchair Man, when two wheelchair-bound fans were caught amidst a crowd surge. The actor/producer/superhero swept into action when a 28-year-old quadriplegic was nearly knocked out of his seat due to rowdy fans lunging towards the washed-up pop singer. Luckily, Wheelchair Man managed to save the fellow just in time, and awarded him with a seat beside the Hollywood star. After switching back to his normal celebrity self, Dicaprio proceeded to make out with (insert really hot model) and the world, once again, remained safe ... for now.

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