It's hard enough to create a compelling story in under ten minutes -- imagine trying to scare someone in that time, too. With a feature, filmmakers have plenty of time to create a scenario, build tension and slowly freak you the hell out. But a short filmmaker has only a fraction of the time to do the exact same thing. Trust me, it's hard -- I've been there.

If you'll allow me a moment of self promotion: Last year, along with a few friends, I helped shoot a short film for a fantastic little film festival called the New York City Midnight Run. We came up with this idea to write a story about a guy whose obsessive compulsive disorder is suddenly brought to life in the form of a weird, lanky sort of fellow. The story was easy, it was the execution that proved difficult. How do you creep someone out in just three minutes? Going in, I thought it was impossible. Oh, and did I mention we had to have it done in 24 hours? See, it's a 24-hour film festival. Talk about a rush -- the four of us could barely walk by the time we finished. But we did finish -- and I imagine we succeeded as the film placed fourth out of sixty teams. If a 24-hour film festival heads your way, I strongly recommend it to any and all aspiring filmmakers out there. It truly tests your limits as an artist and forces you to produce in a very short amount of time. End moment of self promotion.

In my opinion, the following films are the best we've featured yet on Eat My Shorts. They thrill. They chill. All five of them are definitely worth your time. Once again, if there's a short you love and it's available to watch online, feel free to send it on over to shorts at Cinematical dot com. Speak up! I'm loving your suggestions so far. Now, are you ready to be scared? (Don't worry, I'm not going to show you a picture of me in my underwear. Unless, well ... nevermind). Let's go watch some shorts ...

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