You really have to hand it to Lionsgate: They're serious about this Latin market thing, as evidenced by their willingness to look beyond short-term profits (gasp!) when it comes to the future of their relationship with Panamax, their recently created Spanish-language arm. Though La Mujer de mi hermano, the first Panamax release, made less than $3 million when it hit 200 screens back in April, the company is fully committed to not only releasing a Spanish-language film every quarter, but also bringing smaller Latin American films to DVD, all aimed at the huge, untapped Latin market in the US.

According to Arturo Chavez, Lionsgate's head of Spanish programming, "What the U.S. Latino market needs is consistency," and the distributor is putting its money where Chavez's mouth is with the October theatrical release of Pretendiendo, a romantic comedy. Also in the pipeline for Panamax are the US DVD debuts of Feliz Navidad, cult hit El Vacilón: The Movie, Amar te duele, Conejo en la luna and Matando cabos.