First-time director Jeff Lowell has assembled a cast of pretty big names for his debut (which he also wrote) -- and with a name as clever as How I Met My Boyfriend's Dead Fiancée, who could possibly resist? (This must be the first in a long line of movies going the Snakes on a Plane-obvious route.) Eva Longoria, who has movie roles coming out of her pretty little (but possibly not that talented) ears, will play the titular character, with Paul Rudd as the grieving almost-widower.

The film will tell the story of a "female psychic who falls in love with a skeptic while the ghost of his dead fiancée ... tries to keep them apart." The psychic will be played by TV's Lake Bell (Can't you just hear the pitch? "It's like Ghost, except really, really funny. And this time, the psychic is hot!"), who took her boobs last season from Boston Legal to Surface, a career move that seems to have won her the right to bring them to the big screen. Good work, Lake!
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