I think we can all be forgiven for our general ignorance of the fact that Exodus Film Group has been developing an animated feature about crayons. After all, in what context could that possibly have come up? "Oh, that shirt is such a pretty color! That reminds me, have you heard about that crayon movie?" I mean, it just doesn't flow naturally into the conversations of anyone over eight. (Actually, does anyone know any eight-year-olds? I bet this is all the rage among that set.)

The crayon movie -- yes, it's really happening -- is called The Hero of Color City, and is described in Variety as "[following] the adventures of a diverse band of crayons as they strive to protect their magical, multihued homeland from an evil tyrant." That part sounds sort of Teletubbies (NOT, by the way, a bad thing. I dig Teletubbies.), except with an evil guy on the horizon. But there's more: The crayons leave their home world (Color City) every day and go to work at a preschool in our world, which sounds a whole lot like Monsters Inc. to me. And also, it must be said, extremely cool -- my only concern is whether a story about crayons (which, let's face it, can't really be all THAT expressive, what with no limbs or hair or clothes or anything) can be sustained for a full 90 minutes. Happily for Exodus, the people at Magnolia have no such concerns, and they've picked up distribution rights to the movie, which they see as "a potential family franchise."
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