This could be the most bizarre casting idea I have ever heard: Nicolas Cage is said to be producing a Liberace biopic, in which he will star as the flamboyant pianist. Is it just that everyone wants to play gay these days or could this really be a dream of Cage's? After his hilarious retro cameo in Good Night, and Good Luck, Liberace is ripe for more spotlight, but Cage? Nicolas Cage as Liberace? I'm dumbfounded. There is no way that this movie could be taken seriously, right? Right. And it seems that Cage must not really be intending for it to be. Hired to write the screenplay are Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg, the guys who gave us Date Movie, and who partially gave us Scary Movie. Since they're so good with titles, let me be the first to guess this one will be called Liberace Movie.

Of course, there is just too much about Liberace that requires a serious portrayal of his life. Can Seltzer and Friedberg handle the AIDS aspect with respect? According to the report on this project, the writers are approaching the idea with more care than their other scripts, so it is possible. But I am hoping that they can find a happy medium and include a good amount of silliness, too. There is a very slight chance that a combination between camp and drama could work, though Cage is going to have a tough time finding that perfect director to make it happen.
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