Odds and ends from Monday:

  • In a conversation with Moviehole, Samuel L. Jackson mentioned that he may be re-teaming with Hayden Christensen on the film Jumper. Directed by Doug Liman, pic tells the story of a boy who discovers he has the ability to teleport and uses this power to help track down the person who murdered his mother. Jackson will play an NSA Agent put in charge of tracking the bizarre youngster. Oohh, maybe Christensen would play villain in the film? I think he'd be great -- I mean, just watching him act scares the crap out of me. Question: How can someone so bad be paid so good?
  • After first working as a grip, Bryan Bertino moved over to screenwriting and sold his first script, The Strangers, back in 2004. Now, Rogue Pictures has tapped Bertino to make his directorial debut with Strangers, off his own script. Wow, how's that for landing in sh*t? Pic tells the unfortunate tale of three mysterious strangers who terrorize a poor couple after returning home from their wedding.
  • The rock band Steely Dan is so pissed at Owen Wilson. Why? Well, apparently they feel Wilson's character in You, Me and Dupree was eerily similar to that of a character in their song, Cousin Dupree. The song (and, in some ways, the movie) is about a loser who sleeps on his Aunt's couch and has a growing infatuation with his cousin. Weird. Anyway, all Steely Dan wanted was for Own Wilson to show up to one of their shows, appear on stage and apologize. However, he didn't, they're pissed and all I want to know is what the hell does Owen Wilson have to do with this? He didn't write the film. He didn't direct the film. All he did was show up, read some lines and get paid. Oh well, maybe they could get Owen's brother Luke -- ya know, if they coincidentally happen to have a song called, My Super-Ex Mother-In-Law.
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