Quick, when you think "athletic fashion", who's the first person you think of? If you guessed, "Scarlett Johansson", then Reebok made the right bet. According to Ad Week, Reebok has signed a multi-year deal with Woody Allen's new favorite go-to girl to create the Scarlett "Hearts" Rbk line, which will feature (and I'm not making this up) "head-to-toe looks designed to take today's multi-dimensional woman from the studio to the street in style." I'm not sure exactly what a "multi-dimensional woman" is, but I bet there are some guys around here who'd like one.

Johansson is reportedly "enthusiastic" about working with Reebok on the line. Reebok president and CEO Paul Harrington characterized her as a "world-renowned style icon". Well, that makes sense, I guess, because when I think 'haute couture", I think "Reebok", don't you? Johansson will also be featured in a global women's advertising blitz for Reebok beginning in 2007, so if you just haven't had enough of her on-screen, you'll be getting more Scarlett than you can shake your ... tennis racket at.

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