James DoohanLast year, Martha reported that the ashes of actor James Doohan, who played Scotty on the original Star TrekTV show as well as in seven of the Star Trek films, were to be blasted into space on December 6, 2005. Unfortunately, the launch was delayed, as Space Services, the "space burial firm," had to put their rocket through more testing. Now the date has been reset, only with some odd new arrangements. In October, a capsule carrying Doohan's remains will indeed be carried into space, but it will then be brought back to Earth. Then, in December or January, the capsule will again be carried into space, where it will finally be emptied out. But wait! Space isn't Doohan's final frontier! See, eventually his ashes will, after orbiting the Earth a few years, fall into the atmosphere and burn up into nothing (this last bit makes the procedure seem not worth the effort).

Again, a memorial service for fans is being planned by Doohan's family. Hopefully there weren't any clueless geeks who showed up in costume last December for no reason. And hopefully the "burial" will go as planned this time. It isn't like ashes can sit around and wait forever.

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