Not very long ago 20th Century Fox announced that they'd be creating a new studio division called Fox Atomic, which would service the needs of under-20 moviegoers the world over. (As if the main studios weren't doing a fine job of that already.) On the Atomic slate is a sports spoof, a Revenge of the Nerdsremake, and the sequel to 28 Days Later -- but their very first release hits theaters this December, and it's a slick-looking horror confection called Turistas.

If you check out the extended trailer at the Fox Atomic website, you'll see a clip that looks like a cross between Hostel, The Descent and Into the Blue, but (despite the lame-o rock music) it's a pretty enticing promo clip all the same. The plot's about a bunch of young vacationers who stumble across some seriously unpleasant folks while backpacking through Brazil.

As Martha reported last month, Turistas was written by first-timer Michael Ross and directed by John Stockwell (hey, he directed Into the Blue!); it stars Josh Duhamel, Melissa George and the stunningly hot Olivia Wilde (pictured), whom I predict will be a big star someday, and I will then look like a genius for having predicted it.
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