Word from Kevin Smith on his online diary is that he will be sitting in as a guest critic on Ebert and Roeper next week, subbing in for Roger Ebert, who is still recovering following post-surgery complications. Smith says he and Richard Roeper will be discussing The Ant Bully, Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Miami Vice, Barnyard, and perhaps World Trade Center.

Ebert and Roeper taped six episodes ahead of his surgery, to cover his absence, but the complication of a burst blood vessel requiring emergency surgery has kept the big guy down longer than he anticipated (and, no doubt, he's itching to get out of that hospital bed and back into the balcony). It was announced about a week ago that several guest critics would be invited to fill Ebert's shoes until he's well enough to return. Ebert is still (so far as we know) in Northwestern Hospital, and is reported to be improving.

I like the idea of them bringing guest critics in while Ebert recovers; it takes the pressure off him a bit and, if memory serves, they did the same thing years ago when Gene Siskel was ill. So, readers, what do you think about Kevin Smith as a guest host? And who else in film would you like to see sitting across from Roeper for an episode? Personally, I'm hoping they invited Uwe Boll. Just ... because.

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