Just when you thought the frenzy over Snakes on a Plane couldn't get more annoying gleefully out of control, the powers that be have launched a Biggest Fan contest at the movie's official website. Since the winner is determined by on-site votes, it's really a traffic-driver more than anything else (all you have to do is register, and get people to vote for you; as far as I can tell, there's no need to actually prove any devotion to the movie whatsoever) -- but since you can win stuff like tshirts, hats, and posters just for hitting vote thresholds, if you're into the movie it's probably worth registering. Plus, the person when finishes with the most votes wins a private screening for up to 100 people, which is pretty damn cool. (In terms of devotion, however, it's going to take a lot to beat this gentleman.)

Sadly for the folks at FX, corporations don't seem to be eligible for the contest. If they were, the company would win hands-down, having recently agreed to pay up to about $20 million for the four-year rights to Snakes on a Plane on TV. Jesus. I wonder if this a good move -- I mean, if the movie sucks, how much TV appeal will a funny title still have three years from now?

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