In the flurry of announcements coming from Comic-Con, there were a lot of movie announcements. Pretty impressive, for what started as a little old comic book convention. During their time at the Con, Marvel certainly had many fun announcements for us, including the confirmation/official announcements for three long rumored Marvel comic movie projects:

  1. Captain America will finally be returning for a feature length movie after a long hiatus. I was going to write something about hoping this one would be better than the last go around, but really, there is almost no way it could be worse. They could just film a slide show of a few Captain America comic books with somebody reading us the dialog and it'd be a major improvement.
  2. Nick Fury will be showcased in a S.H.I.E.L.D. flick. No word on whether it'll be traditional Nick Fury or Ultimate Nick Fury, but both are awesome and both would make for a fantastic movie. Fury's character should allow for a film outside the traditional cape and tights superhero flicks. Andrew Marlowe will be doing the script writing.
  3. Finally, Thor of the mighty Viking pantheon will be hitting the silver screen. No details on this one yet, but it is clear to see Marvel is gearing up for an enormous Avengers picture, with Iron Man and Ant-Man movies already announced and Captain America and Thor on the way as well. This all sounds fantastic to me.
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