There's no good reason for it whatsoever, but I'm sort of perpetually annoyed at Frank Whaley. I've actually seen a lot of his movies, but I think he somehow bears the brunt of my desperate hatred for Swimming with Sharks, in which he had the great misfortune to play personal assistant to Kevin Spacey's absurdly sadistic (like, so sadistic that it just gets stupid) boss. I'm sorry, Frank, because I really like your gooey early movies (particularly Field of Dreams and Swing Kids), but I just don't think I can get over Swimming with Sharks.

For the Whaley fans among you, however, your man is getting ready to direct his third film, New York City Serenade.* The movie, whichThe Hollywood Reporter describes in such detail that I suspect they're on someone's payroll, is based on a period in the actor/director's own life, and tells the story of "two close friends who realize that sometimes to keep a friend you have to grow up and grow apart." (And here we go again with the summary that spells the movie's moral out for us before it's even made. Super.) The plot becomes pretty complicated, but basically the friends are an aspiring filmmaker (Owen, to be played by Freddie Prinze Jr.) and "a drummer, ex-husband and father who plays the dive bar circuit" (Ray, played by Chris Klein); they have a falling-out which, like all good falling-outs, revolves around Wallace Shawn. Also in the cast is Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who plays Owen's finaceé.

*For the musically-inclined among you, the movie takes its title from a Bruce Springsteen song. And, in further news, Ed Harcourt will both "[oversee] the original songs and score" and record a cover of Springsteen song for the soundtrack.
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