You've seen 'em on the DVD racks. While browsing through your favorite DVD shoppe you'll come across one of 'em and you'll spit out an involuntary little chuckle while reaching for the case and flipping it over for a charitable glance. And then, if you're smart, you put that damn DVD back on the shelf. I'm talking, of course, about the DTV-quel. The direct-to-video remoras that hope to earn your coin by delivering Name Recognition and Familiar Schtick ... only at about 1/10th the budget of the flick you now regret helping make a hit. And just about all the studios are doing it...

8mm 2, Addams Family 3, American Pie 4, American Psycho 2, Bring It On 2 & 3, Carlito's Way 2, Cruel Intentions 2 & 3, Dr. Dolittle 3, Dungeons & Dragons 2, The Hitcher 2, Hollow Man 2, The Net 2, The Prince & Me 2, Road House 2, The Sandlot 2, The Skulls 2 & 3, Slap Shot 2, Sniper 2 & 3, Species 3, Starship Troopers 2, Stuart Little 3, Wild Things 2 & 3 ... The list goes on and freakin' on. And that's not even including the Disney stuff.

Anyway, it looks like someone (say, Sony) bought an Angie Harmon thriller called The Good Mother, and realized that the best way to market the thing was as a sequel to a 2001 movie that nobody went to see. Voila, The Good Mother is now The Glass House 2: The Good Mother. The thing co-stars Jason London, Joel Gretsch, and Shiloh Fernandez as "Sweatshirt." TGH2TGM hits the stacks on October 3rd. And no, Leelee Sobieski will not be returning, as she spent the last few months making a Uwe Boll barbarian flick.
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