Hey, it looks like we're finally going to get another Fletch film! In fact, I'd go ahead and make that a double -- as in, two Fletch films. You heard right -- two! Of course, this is all coming via an unconfirmed scoop sent to Coming Soon, but the scoop itself makes a whole lot of sense.

You'll remember awhile back how Kevin Smith was supposed to write and direct a new Fletch flick for the Weinstein Co. However, after Smith and the Weinstein's butted heads over who would play the classic character (Smith wanted Jason Lee and the Weinstein's wanted Zach Braff), the project ultimately disappeared off Smith's plate, something he's still pretty upset about. So, with Zach Braff playing front-runner, there were rumors Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence was getting involved, perhaps to pen a draft or plant a big fat one on Braff's cute little behind. Of course, they were only rumors ... until now. (Actually, they're still only rumors, but I really liked the way I ended that last sentence. Very mysterious. I like feeling mysterious.)

That's right, it appears Bill Lawrence will not only write, but he'll also direct ... both films. According to this "unconfirmed scoop", the title of the first film will still be Fletch Won. Hearing this news all but solidifies Zach Braff taking on the lead role, but until things are made official, we'll hold off on breaking out the party favors. Too bad, I really liked Jason Lee in the lead role. In my opinion, he would have made a much more convincing Fletch than Braff. Oh well, I guess the dude will just have to prove me wrong.

UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter is confirming this to be true. While they say Bill Lawrence has signed on to write and direct Fletch Won, they do not mention a second film. As expected, Zach Braff is Lawrence's first choice for Fletch.

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