This is a leftover bit of news from Comic-Con which I somehow overlooked in all the Con coverage I've been doing this week. It is far too good to pass on, however, so I'm sharing it with you now. Noted geek kingpin Neil Gaiman (author of books, movies, TV shows, and comics), is looking to get back into the movie business with a character from his exceptionally popular Vertigo comic book Sandman. In fact, Gaiman's portrayal of the anthropomorphic personification of Death was so popular it was spun off into a couple of mini-series. The first, called Death: The High Cost of Living, shortly thereafter became a hot subject for movie rumors, none of which panned out.

Happily for his fans, Gaiman has now told us the project is not at all dead, it merely encountered some struggles getting out of the gate. Because of obvious corporate licensing issues, the property is in the stable of Warner Brothers. According to the man himself, Gaiman cooked up a script they were happy with, but it was a 15 million dollar movie, and the big WB told him they "don't do 15 mil movies." So it was on to New Line (a corporate sister) and up to 30 million, only to be told New Line likewise "doesn't do 30 mil movies." The property is now headed over to Warner Independent, which Gaiman feels is the best fit for it anyway. All of this means we will hopefully see action begin on a Neil Gaiman's Death movie sometime in the near-ish future. As for wanting to direct it, Gaiman said: "I do, mostly just because it's really dear my heart. If anyone's going to f* it up, I'd rather it be me." And if anyone can bring it to brilliance, it is also him.
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