Odds and ends from Tuesday:

  • Okay, now take Eminem's film 8 Mile, make it a comedy and replace a white male rapper with a white female blues singer. Can you picture it? Good. Enid Zentelis (Evergreen) has signed on to direct the indie film Detroit Diva for the Robert Cort Co. Pic will tell of a thirty-something woman who discovers a unique talent for the blues after taking over her parent's failing real estate business in Detroit. I'm not sure what real estate has to do with the blues, but the premise certainly sounds interesting. I wonder if Eminem will make a cameo?
  • Boy, do I enjoy a good viral pandemic flick. Emily VanCamp is set to star opposite Chris Pine in that Untitled Pastor Brothers Thriller we talked about back in early June. The film revolves around four friends who travel to the American West in order to escape a deadly viral pandemic. However, once there, they soon discover something a lot more dangerous -- each other. VanCamp will be playing one of the friends; an uptight spoiled brat whose family died of the disease.
  • Just when you thought those Broken Lizard boys were jumping onboard a Super Troopers sequel comes word the guys, instead, may be delving into a different project. And if you thought Beerfest looked dumb, get a load of this: According to Lizard Steve Lemme, "It's an ancient Greek comedy where [Kevin Heffernan] plays Plato. He goes to Athens University where he's the star of the wrestling team, but he's really stupid. He's failing his basic classes. This guy is all muscle. They hire Socrates, who I play, to come in and tutor him and then we tangle with the Greek Gods." Boys, do us all a HUGE favor and stick with Super Troopers 2. Please. I'm practically begging here.
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