Odds and ends from Wednesday:

  • For his next project, Jason Reitman has decided to jump from one controversial topic to another. Replacing Brad Silberberg (Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events) as the director on the film Juno, Reitman shifts hilarity away from the tobacco industry to focus on teen pregnancy. Pic, which was written by former stripper and Pussy Ranch Blogger Diablo Cody, is said to revolve around the tough choices a teen must make after discovering she's pregnant. Sounds serious, right? Well, according to an earlier article in Variety, the film is supposed to have a Napoleon Dynamite feel to it. Hmm, teen pregnancy and Napoleon Dynamite? Someone get me an aspirin. Supposedly, Silberberg left the project due to "creative differences over casting." Oh man, please don't tell me they wanted Dakota Fanning to play the lead -- I'm still getting over her current project.
  • Hey, I'm all for a cool heist film, so long as the idea is original and it feels fresh. Unfortunately, a lot of heist flicks wrap themselves around the familiar "ex-con is forced to perform one last job ..." storyline and, subsequently, bore us to death with characters and situations we've seen many times before. That said, it's hard for me to feel excited about Regency Enterprises' decision to pick up Joe Gazzam's spec script, Straight and Narrow. Do I even need to give you a description? Actually, I believe I already did.
  • As expected, Sony Pictures and IMAX Entertainment announced plans to bring Spider-Man 3 to IMAX screens everywhere. The highly anticipated third installment in the blockbuster franchise will be released simultaneously in conventional theaters and IMAX theaters on May 4, 2007. While Spider-Man 2 was also released on IMAX screens, it only played in 63 theaters. This time, those bad-ass IMAX folks are kicking things up a notch by throwing the webbed crusader into well over 100 theaters in North America. Personally, I've stayed away from IMAX screenings of feature films for fear the enormous screen would not only give me a headache, but also make it harder to absorb everything on screen at one time. For those that have been, is it worth it? Do you enjoy the experience?
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