Man do I hope Sherman's Way isn't as Precious and Sweetly Wacky as it sounds. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is about "an eccentric Olympic has-been who prefers leisure to work and finds himself stuck with a rigid, pre-law Yale student who has no time for wasting time." So far so good, I guess. (But "stuck with"? What does that mean? Did her car break down outside his isolate house, or something, and all the world's tow trucks have disappeared?) Here's where the annoying Charm! comes in, though: "Between skinny-dipping and stealing cars, this odd couple learns that balance is the key to finding love, getting the job and getting a life." Um, ew? I mean, of course it could end up being brilliantly pulled together by director Craig Saavedra, but when you go INTO a movie with that as your summary? To me, that's scary, because every step on-set is supposed to serve that nice, tied-up-with-a-bow conclusion. Did I mention ew?

And, speaking of ew, guess who's playing the girl. Remember Claudia, the frighteningly smart violin prodigy on Party of Five? Yep, it's her. Though I refuse to believe it, the IMDb insists that Lacey Chabert is now -- wait for it -- 23 freaking years old. Like I said, I don't believe it. (Do you have any idea how old that would make me?!) The guy with whom young Lacey steals cars will be played by James LeGros, and Enrico Colantoni, aka the greatest dad in the history of TV, will play a supporting role.
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