As our regular readers know by now, I'm pretty much a ravenous lunatic when it comes to horror movies. So when a big festival comes out and announces their "Midnight Screening" selections, I get pretty geeked out. (Doubly so when it's a festival I'll actually be attending.) Sundance, SXSW, and even the Philly Film Fest deliver fantastic late-night fare, but Toronto manages to kick some serious genre tail every year. (In 2005 they delivered Evil Aliens, Isolation, District B13 and Hostel; in 2004 it was Dead Birds, Creep, Kontroll, The Machinist and Saw -- among others.)

And it's that time of year again! Just yesterday the festival announced all ten of their Midnight Madness selections, and there's only ONE that I've already seen! Yes! (That one, by the way, is J.T. Petty's rather enjoyably disturbing S&Man.)

In addition to some nasty-sounding horror flicks from New Zealand (Black Sheep), Spain (The Abandoned), USA (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane), South Korea (The Host), France (Sheitan) and the UK (Severance), Toronto will also offer the epic piece of Danish animation called Princess and the North American premiere of Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat! (Yes!) Last but not least is an anthology chiller called Trapped Ashes, which comes from directors Joe Dante, Sean Cunningham, Ken Russell, Monte Hellman and John Gaeta -- and that's the flick I have a big red circle around. Although I'll try to catch 'em all.

(The pic comes from Weta Workshop; they did the gore effects on Black Sheep -- and yes, it's a movie about man-eating sheep. Cool.)