Though the full slate doesn't come out until tomorrow, a few of the films that will appear at the Venice Film Festival have been announced, including The Black Dahlia, Brian De Palma's eagerly anticipated James Ellroy adaptation, which will have its world premiere at the festival's opening night. This is actually one the four or five films I'm looking forward to most this year, so I'm excited (and also very scared) to see what the critics at the festival will have to say about. Can Josh Hartnett actually carry a serious film? Does De Palma still have it? And will I ever understand why the hell the world loves Scarlett Johansson?

Apart from the opening film, however, the films revealed thus far have a decidedly European flavor. In the Venice Days sidebar alone -- an ostensibly noncompetitive section of the festival that nevertheless offers a couple of cash prizes (there is distribution money available, and first-time films screened in Venice Days are eligible for the festival's new director prize) -- are films from Denmark, Italy, Morocco and Spain.

Check back tomorrow for the festival's full slate, and to find out if David Lynch's Inland Empire will, in fact, finally make its debut.
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