Whether you're a fan of the original movie or the later stage musical of Victor/Victoria, when you hear the title, you probably think about Julie Andrews, who had the title role in both versions. Perhaps you might recall birthday boy Blake Edwards (he's 84), the 1982 film's director, although these days we tend to associate him with more the Pink Panther series. I do know a few people who would also remember the late great Robert Preston, who has most of the film's best lines. But today's Vintage (sort of) Image of the Day depicts a supporting actress in the film: Lesley Ann Warren, who plays a dumb-blonde gangster's moll. Warren has perhaps the most bizarre number in the film, Chicago, Illinois -- an almost frighteningly Twenties Kewpie-ish nightclub act with a gag stolen straight out of the 1937 film The Awful Truth. She was nominated for an Oscar for the above performance.

I dated a guy in college who was obsessed with Victor/Victoria. I can't remember how many times we watched the movie on videotape. There was also a lot of quoting and singing, often in the middle of the night. ("The middle of the night was about three hours ago.") And I realized the other day, when my computer's music player was set to random, that I still know all the words to Warren's goofy song from the film ("Trendy travellers tend to talk ..."), and I can still imitate her squeaky voice. However, I'm proud to say that I have never attempted to imitate the dance shown above.
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