Though has yet to initiate its widely-anticipated foray into the movie rental business (currently expected to be launching next month), it has today announced its intention to get into production. The company recently acquired the rights to The Stolen Child, the best-selling debut novel by Keith Donohue, and is now in the process of tracking down a screenwriter and director. The book actually sounds really disturbing -- it tells the story of "a 7-year-old [who] is kidnapped by forest-dwelling changelings, who replace him with a look-alike." The kid ends up "[roaming] the woods with a pack of feral children" while his replacement tries to fit in with his new family. YIKES.

Interestingly, Amazon's main role in the film will be in advertising. Sort of like Starbucks recently did with Akeelah and the Bee, Amazon will use its website to promote the hell out of the movie when release time comes. While this is sure to be incredibly annoying (I'm envisioning a movie-related version of ESPN's endless, odious shilling of their crappy cell phones), it'll be sure to get the film a massive amount of exposure, since everyone and their brother uses Amazon for, well, everything. And, if you click on the book title above, you'll get an idea of what they have in store -- for some reason, Amazon's been pimping the hell out of the novel for a while.
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