Have you ever found yourself wishing that there was a Horror-only version of The Academy Awards? Well, considering how lamely the genre is often treated by the Hollywood Elite, I've thought about it from time to time. (True, Silence of the Lambs won a huge fistful of Oscars, but that was 15 years ago!) The key to such an awards show would be the ability to honor not only the "high-end" horror films, but the ability to recognize quality schlock in a variety of forms. Basically, you'd need an outlet like Fangoria to help run the show.

Hey, good news! Fangoria and Fuse TV have decided to put their bloody noggins together and produce the first annual Chainsaw Awards, which will air on the Fuse network this Halloween. The categories will include Scariest Moment of the Year, Best Horror Soundtrack, Best Monster, Best Death Scene, Creepiest Kid, and several others. And of course there will be a "Deathtime Achievement Award," which will be handed out to a different genre giant every year. (I'm predicting John Carpenter for the first one.)

The Fango staff will be on board to help with the nominations (hey fellas, I'm available!) and to keep the blood flowing extra smoothly, and that only makes sense. Not only is Fango the monthly bible for gorehounds, but they kick-started the Chainsaw Awards on their own pages about 15 years ago.

Now all I have to do is convince Comcast Philadelphia to give me the galdurn FUSE Channel!
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