Finke Blasts Clerks 2 for its Never Ending Credit Roll!

A while back, we told you how The Weinstein Company partnered up with MySpace to draw more attention to Clerks 2 by awarding 10,000 fans a spot in the film's credit roll. Odd? Yes. Brilliant way to market your film for practically nothing? Hell yes. While this maneuver opened up new doors in the world of movie marketing, giving your average movie fan something to brag about, others felt the whole thing was just plain wrong. In her Deadline Hollywood blog, Nikki Finke blasts the marketing move, saying "This could very well be the most insulting thing I've ever heard, a huge diss, to anyone who's ever legitimately earned a credit on a film. It's the sort of shenanigan that, if the guilds in this town had spines, they should stop immediately." Look, I understand her point, but Kevin Smith is who he is because of his fans. They deserve the recognition. I mean, let's be real here Nikki -- these are minor credits in an indie film and Clerks 2 isn't exactly Academy Award material. Why the beef? Personally, I applaud the Weinsteins and Smith for getting the fans more involved, instead of just plastering posters here, there and everywhere. Should every film follow a similar path? No. But I do like the creative thinking.

Baby Shiloh Turned Into Wax!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's first-born child will become the first baby to be transformed into wax for Maddam Tussaud's historic wax museum in New York City. That's right, baby Shiloh will join her parents in what appears to be an odd re-creation of the Nativity scene. I kid you not. According to the story, Shiloh will lie before her parents inside a woven bassinet "in her very own African-themed nursery." Aww, that's wonderful news -- but what about their other adopted children? I can totally picture it now: "Mommy, why does Shiloh get to be in wax and not me?" "Well Maddox, that's because adopted children aren't important enough to become wax statues. It's true. I read about it in People Magazine."

Samuel L. Jackson Hates Snakes!

While shooting Snakes on a Plane, Samuel L. Jackson was so freaked out by the slithering creatures, he had a clause put in his contract stating all motherf**kin reptiles were to be kept 20 motherf**kin feet away from him at all times. Jackson says, "My agent was insistent: 'No snakes within 20 feet.' In the beginning they were talking about having rattlesnakes they had taken the venom sacks out of them, but I was like, 'Hell, no. That don't work for me.'" Ha. You gotta love Sam Jackson. However, the actor later went on to say he wasn't afraid of snakes. In fact, when he was growing up, he'd capture the poor things and beat them to death. Hmm, perhaps that would make the perfect premise for an eventual Snakes on a Plane prequel?