Here we go for another lap around the blogosphere. This time, seeing as I've been knee-deep in my new Eat My Shorts feature, I figured we would take a look to see who else was talking short films. Check it out:

  • Over on the Atom Films blog, Chris is freaking out over how hot it is right now in California. I feel for you man. In an attempt to vent his frustrations, Chris points us towards a short animated film called 107.6 Degrees about "two prehistoric critters on a quest for shade."
  • Dong Resin from Screenhead delves deep inside the twisted short film that is Randy and Steve. He notes, "Probably just as well that these two can't biologically have kids ... they'd be like Truman Capote reading The Dude's lines from The Big Lebowski, and they'd almost certainly sit next to us on a long bus ride."
  • Allan from short film review dissects The Whistler, a short animated film that definitely reminded me of those old school Sylvester and Tweety cartoons. Produced by Trunk films, Allan tells us The Whistler was one of Indiefilm's top ten funny choices from Aspen's Short Film Festival.
  • How much would it suck if you were Darth Vader's little brother and, instead of blowing up planets in an attempt to rule the galaxy, you were forced to take on the role of day shift manager at your local supermarket? Dave from Soliloqueer points us toward Chad Vader, yet another humorous and creative Star Wars fanfilm.