Surely you've heard of the dude who got rid of all his stuff -- apart from a single red paper clip -- and resolved, through the power of trade/finding really dumb people online, to turn it into a place to live. Things went frighteningly well for the gentleman, a Canadian named Kyle MacDonald. Though the last I heard he'd scored himself a car and then a place to sleep, Variety informed me this morning that MacDonald had, in fact, accomplished his goal: He turned a paper clip into a house. Though you'd think that would be more than enough of a reward, Dreamworks and Random House decided that MacDonald deserved more for his ingenuity, and they've added movie and books deals, respectively, to his haul.

There's no indication of how much MacDonald made from his transformation into media darling, but I think it's safe to say that the eventual appearance of his story on the big screen -- in a movie named after the website that started the whole scheme, One Red Paper Clip -- probably surpasses the thrill of meeting the great Corbin Bernsen, who took part in one of the trades. Fingers crossed that Bernsen plays himself in the movie.
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