If you've ever been jammed in a cubicle, stuck working for some corporate giant where casual Fridays and the occasional birthday cake are all you have to pass the time, then there's a good chance Office Space is among your favorite films. At my previous job, we used to have a guy who would walk around constantly quoting lines from the film -- a self-appointed Office Space guru.

"Hey Erik, do you have a case of the Mondays?" He would ask, like clock-work, every Monday morning. When Friday rolled around, after pointing out how our company did not allow Hawaiian shirts to be worn in the office, he would usually turn to me and go, "Um, yeah, Erik ... I'm going to have to ask you to come in on Saturday." Long story short: They never could find where I buried the body. Surfing around online today, I came across this neat little Office Space quiz for those of you who, like my co-worker, live and breathe the Mike Judge film. Think you're an Office Space master? Think you have every square-inch of the flick memorized? Well, think again -- this quiz is tough.

Here's a sample question: "What were the letters on the license plate of the Mitsubishi Mirage that was in front of Peter while he was driving to work in the beginning of the movie?" Exactly. Let's see how well you do. After answering all 100 questions (Yes, the freaking thing has 100 questions!), I scored 64%. Anyone think they can beat me?

[via Film Rot]

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