Well, there'll be no changing diapers for Brad Pitt in the near future. Right after he finishes shooting Ocean's Thirteen this summer, he's finally agreed (negotiations began more than a year ago) to star in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a David Fincher-directed project that will begin production this fall. Based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story, the film will tell the story of a man who, once he hits the big five-oh, begins aging backwards. Apart from the surely inevitable terror of turning 13 again, Button's life takes yet another troubling turn when he falls love with a woman of 30 (to be played by Cate Blanchett), who probably won't dig him anymore when he's a teen. Though the movie has reportedly been being tossed around in Hollywood for more than a decade, this is the first time it's actually neared production.

In addition, Variety reported this morning that Pitt has also expressed interested in starring in State of Play, a big-screen, Americanized version of a BBC miniseries. In the story, the central character is "a journalist and former campaign manager of a fast-rising politician who unravels a murder conspiracy involving his former boss." Pitt's involvement in this project so far is limited to his own interest; nothing has been signed, and there's no indication that negotiations have even begun.
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