Scarlett Johansson

I couldn't be happier with the movie news I'm hearing these days. First, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson agree to play sisters vying for the love of the King Henry VIII (Eric Bana) in 'The Other Boleyn Girl.'

And now the Weistein Co. has tapped Bill Lawrence -- the creator of 'Scrubs' (aka one of the funniest TV shows ever) -- to write and direct a 'Fletch' prequel tentatively entitled 'Fletch Won' (aka 'Young Fletch). For those of you who missed the neon-colored shorts and shorty-longback hairdos of the '80s, 'Fletch' (1985) and 'Fletch Lives' (1989) are based on a pair of best-selling novels by Gregory McDonald, and they star Chevy Chase as a zany investigative reporter with a knack for disguises and pissing people off. 'Fletch Won' is based on McDonald's 1985 prequel novel, which introduces Fletch as a trouble-making junior reporter trying to crack a murder case.

Zach Braff

Lawrence has promised two things in making the 'Fletch' flick ...

1) He will do everything in his power to convince his 'Scrubs' go-to guy Zach Braff to star in the film. Unfortunately, 'Fletch Won' would start filming in April, immediately following the 'Scrubs' season wrap. And Braff notes in his blog that while he'd love to tackle the part, he may be too busy directing his adaptation of 'Open Hearts.'

2) He will stay true to the character of Fletch while presenting an edgy origin story much in the same vein as 'Batman Begins.' This should be interesting, seeing as comparing Fletch and the Caped Crusader is like comparing apples and banana hammocks.

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