With a Michael Mann film, I've come to expect that I won't have time to open my notebook, let alone jot down many details. His work, which includes Heat, The Insider and Collateral, is typically that engaging. This isn't something I mind, because even though I'm a critic, I prefer to enjoy the movies I'm watching rather than to meticulously dissect them as they play out on the screen. I tend to leave the analysis for when I get home, where I can think about the movie as a whole.

However, with Mann's latest film, Miami Vice, which is based on the hit television show he executive produced in the '80s, I not only found moments in which to open my notebook, but I was bored enough with the film to fill up pages, mostly with ramblings about how little I've come to accept those meet-and-greet scenes involving undercover cops and drug dealers. You know, the ones in which the cops attempt to convince the dealers that they are not what they indeed are. These scenes all proceed in the exact same way, right down to the dealer's doubting bluff, therefore by now they should be easily accepted, and yet I always find them instead to be ridiculously unbelievable. Anyway, I could go on -- I did during the movie -- but there's no point in concentrating on one little scene. Besides, I wrote down a lot of other things that I can share, such as, "This movie has some awesome clouds in it." I think that note especially speaks for how engaging the actual story was for me.