A thoughtful reader pointed out to us that yesterday was Stanley Kubrick's birthday -- he would have been 78 had he not died in 1999 -- and I couldn't let the occasion pass without an image from one of his movies. At first, I thought I should remember one of the lesser-known films, something that many people haven't seen, like Paths of Glory or Barry Lyndon. Barry Lyndon has some gorgeous images, as does A Clockwork Orange. But ultimately I decided to go with one of the most iconic images from a Kubrick film, the one that most of us would recognize instantly, the one that reminds you that you haven't seenDr. Strangelove in awhile and ought to rent it again soon.

I don't need to explain the context of the above image, although it reminds me how much I enjoyed Slim Pickens as Major Kong. Rumor has it that Peter Sellers was supposed to take that role too, but was unable to do so. As much as I enjoy Sellers, I'm not sure he'd be quite as convincing a Texan as Pickens in this dark comedy. If you don't know anything about the above image, get to a video store immediately and rent Dr. Strangelove. And don't forget to wish Kubrick a (late, but sincere) happy birthday.

[Thanks to Asim for the tip.]
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