It's been about ten months since I sat in a teeny-tiny Toronto screening room and enjoyed the bloody hell out of Jake West's certifiably insane Evil Aliens. I'm not saying it's in the same league as Peter Jackson's early stuff, but I do think it comes pretty darn close. Either way, if you love things like Bad Taste and Dead Alive, then I'd bet you two anal probes that you'll dig Evil Aliens.

Over the past few months I've read a few rumblings about Evil Aliens' eventual DVD release, but nothing seems to be confirmed on that end. One thing I can tell you for sure is this: The theatrical release is finally on the horizon, so if you plan to be in NYC on September 8th (or if you, y'know, live there), you'll be able to enjoy the flick well before most of your carnage-lovin' American brethren. Magic Lamp Releasing will be opening the flick at an inevitably raucous midnight show, and I'm half-tempted to take the 120-minute drive just to enjoy it for a second time. Those on the opposite coast can see Evil Aliens in Los Angeles on September 29th.

I'll bring you more info as I get it, and I'm hoping my fellow gorehounds will enjoy the splatter-fest as much as I did.
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