News on the screen version of Neil Gaiman'sCoraline has been trickling out for what seems like ages, from castingdetails to animation styles; from animation location to soundtrack news. The last voice names we heard were Dakota Fanning (but of course) and Teri Hatcher (who will have the great honor of playing Dakota's animated mother), but it sounds as if the cast has pretty much taken shape while we weren't paying attention. In addition to Fanning and Hatcher, voices will be provided by Absolutely Fabulous -- in more ways than one -- duo Dawn French (as Miss Spink) and Jennifer Saunders (as Miss Forcible), as well as Al Swearengen himself, Ian McShane. The recently signed McShane will give voice to "Mr Bobinski, an irascible Russian giant who inhabits the alternate world." You say "irascible," I say "perfect casting."

For those of you unfamiliar with Gaiman's work, Coraline is about "The adventures of a girl who enters a parallel universe and encounters a sinister counterfeit mother." Apart from the presence of a Russian giant in one of them, the worlds will be visually distinguishable by the use of different animation styles: CGI for the real world, and stop-motion for the alternate one.

According to the IMDb, the movie is currently being made, and is due for release next year.
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