A couple of independent films are opening in Austin for a regular run this week: Free Zone at Dobie (as part of the AFS@Dobie collaboration) and Who Killed the Electric Car? at Arbor. In fact, Arbor is hosting an electric car rally this weekend to promote the new documentary. Cars will be on display at the theater on Friday night and all day Saturday.

Because it's summertime, Austin has a number of kid-friendly film events this week ... and a few for adults, too.
  • The documentary Nobelity gets one last theatrical run in Austin, on Saturday and Sunday at the Arbor. Director Turk Pipkin will attend the 7 and 9 pm screenings on both evenings.
  • Deep Eddy Pool's Saturday night film is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. There's nothing like watching fire-breathing dragons from the comfort of a cool swimming pool.
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