When it comes to Superman: The Movie, you probably won't find a much bigger fan than yours truly. I am in no way an expert on Superman's long and colorful history, but the 1978 flick? Man oh man do I just love it. Not long ago we shared the news that a virtual explosion of Super-DVDs was on its way, most notably the long-awaited "Donner Cut" of Superman 2. Between that and the 4-disc mega-set for Superman 1, I'll be knee-deep in DVD heaven when those platters hit the shelves.

But if you're like me and you just can't wait, thank YouTube for delivering some sneaky-peek goods. Click here to see some clips from the Donner Cut that recently played on Access Hollywood, and here for all sorts of Super-omissions, sequences generally found in the Deleted Scenes section and/or as part of the movies' network broadcasts. (Thanks to DavisDVD for directing us towards the clippage.)

Anyway, if these Superman DVDs are even half as good as WB's recent Batman collection, we're going to have one Super Christmas. (OK, Super Hannukah, too. Sorry, rabbi.)
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