Call me crazy, but Simon Pegg is not someone I would have anywhere near my dream-cast list if I was trying to fill the lead of a movie called Run, Fat Boy, Run. Unless the man has experienced some serious weight gain since the last Hot Fuzz video blog entry, he's missing what would seem to be one of the primary requirements for that role, namely the fat. Despite that, this morning's Hollywood Reporterinsists that Pegg is in negotiations to star in the film, in which he'd play "a charming but oblivious overweight guy who leaves his fiancee on their wedding day only to discover years later that he really loves her." While trying to convince the woman that they belong together, the Pegg character for some reason has to run a marathon, which explains the film's title.

The movie was written by Michael Ian Black, and will be directed by none other that David Schwimmer. Seeing as how Run, Fat Boy, Run is Schwimmer's debut feature as a director, I feel it's time to offer a single piece of advice: Just say no to fat suits. Nobody want to see a white, male Big Momma. If Pegg is going to play your damn Fat Guy, feed him cheese burgers -- lots and lots of cheese burgers. If he complains, just tell him that the Academy loves that crap. (The problem, however, is that the movie starts filming next month. That might not be enough to time for the necessary burger pounding.)
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