We reported back in December on a vaguely specious-sounding rumor that young Daniel Radcliffe was in talks to play Alan Strang in a stage version of Equus. For those of you not up on your edgy theater, Equus is a Peter Shaffer play that features, in addition to horse-blinding, equine-related arousal and full-frontal nudity. (Whether Potter fans recoiled in horror or dropped to their knees in prayerful thanks upon hearing the rumor depended entirely on whether they'd hit puberty or not.)

It turns out, surprisingly enough, that the rumors were true, and rehearsals for Equus will begin in January (shortly after shooting on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ends) with the play expected to open in the spring. Though there's been no confirmation that Kenneth Branagh will direct, as was originally rumored, Reuters is confirming that Richard Griffiths, better known to Potterites as Harry's Uncle Vernon, will star alongside Radcliffe in the role of the psychiatrist who interviews Strang after that whole horse-blinding thing.
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