Back when I was but a young and sponge-like movie nerdlet, I chanced upon Brian De Palma'sBody Double on HBO one night. Aside from being dazzled by the movie's, ahem, erotic nature, I found myself absolutely fascinated by the non-sexy bits, too. After seeing it a second time, I was convinced (well, as convinced as a 15-year-old geek could be) that Body Double was easily as good as De Palma's Carrie, Dressed to Kill and/or Blow Out. (OK, maybe not Blow Out.) But "the critics" didn't seem to dig the flick, generally dismissing it as a thinly-veiled rip-off of Alfred Hitchock, particularly the master's Vertigo and Rear Window.

These criticisms inspired me to seek out those "old-fashioned black & white" movies, and (obviously) I became a huge Hitchcock fan overnight. So while some critics chose to see De Palma's affectionate homage as De Palma's shameless rip-off, I was just grateful that Body Double introduced me to the wonderful world of Hitchcock. And yeah, I still think Body Double is one of De Palma's best, and I've been following the guy's career since before I could drive.

So for the price of one aimless anecdote you now get the news: Sony Home Video will be releasing a Special Edition of Body Double on October 3rd. Extra goodies include four featurettes, some new cast & crew interviews and a sparkly new anamorphic transfer. No commentary, unfortunately, because guys like De Palma (and Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen and Clint Eastwood) don't like doing audio commentaries.

For those with hazy memories, Body Double is the one with the porn stars, the massive power drill, and the Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
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