Apparently there's a brand-new magazine out there called HorrorHound, and of course they have a website, too. Now, it usually takes a little while before I'll really trust a horrorresource (mainly because there are so many silly rumors flying throughout the horrorworld), but the new guys delivered a pretty slick scoop this time out.

Big fan of Tobe Hooper'sTexas Chainsaw Massacre 2? The one packed with gooey gore, crazy-ass cannibals, and more Dennis Hopper spittle than you know what to do with? If so, you'll definitely want to check out the brand-new MGM 20th Anniversary Special Edition of TCM2, which promises all the geeky little supplements that we HorrorHounds live for. Expect commentaries, cast interviews, and (hopefully) some deleted scenes! The TCM2 SE hits shelves in September, and I know it'll sell at least one copy. To me.

(Thanks to DavisDVD for the pointer.)
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