For years the movie haunted me: The all-star sequel to a movie I absolutely loved ... and I could never find it. Not on HBO or the networks, not on VHS or Beta, and (since we're talking, like, late 1980s) certainly not on DVD.

But then it happened. I believe it was the old Encore Channel that finally delivered Beyond the Poseidon Adventure unto my salivating eyeballs. (Yes, eyeballs can salivate. You should have seen mine when I finally got my R2 Flash Gordon DVD!) And I'm sure you know where this story's headed: The movie pretty much ... stank. Oh sure it worked as a Guilty Pleasure, because it's tough for a movie starring Telly Savalas, Sally Field, Michael Caine, Peter Boyle, Jack Warden, Mark Harmon, Karl Malden, Slim Pickens and Shirleys Knight & Jones to be to be downright boring. And for all its silliness, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure definitely isn't boring.

The flick's about a bunch of treasure-hunters who (stupidly) decide to raid the still-capsized ship, only to discover that, hey, it's pretty freaking dangerous in there! And, hooray, WB will be releasing the movie on DVD come August 22nd. Extras include deleted scenes, one featurette, and a disaster flick trailer gallery.

Hey, it's better than Poseidon. (Which I also liked because I am a sucker for ensemble-style carnage.)
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