Pitt Against Marrying Jolie!

According to his 83-year-old grandmother (Yes folks, it's gone there), Brad Pitt will not marry Angelina Jolie. The actor recently spoke with his grandma over the telephone and assured her he will not make anymore life-long promises until he's passed the ones already broken. Ooohh, perhaps Brad is not over Jennifer yet? Or maybe Angelina is not over Brad's not being over Jen. I give up. Hey, how about we just leave Pitt's dear-old grandmother alone?

Johansson Sounds Like Bad Music!

News Alert: Scarlett Johansson is a diva! Apparently, the actress was supposed to star in a big-budget revival of The Sound of Music in London's West End, but then dropped out when they refused to pay her millions upon millions of dollars. Scarlett Johansson? The Sound of Music? Are they updating the musical to turn the lead role into a hip, young, hottie? (Sorry, that was harsh. But, seriously, Scarlett is no Julie Andrews.) Yeah, so Andrew Lloyd Webber is pissed. He claims the Scoop star really wanted to do it. Of course she did ... but for $10 million. Actors? Who needs em'?

Cornell Disses Pierce Brosnan!

After officially signing on to write and perform the title song for Casino Royale, Chris Cornell told VH1 he almost turned down the offer. Why? Well, according to the Audioslave frontman, he was not at all impressed with the last few James Bond films. It wasn't until he had a chance to watch a rough edit of Casino Royale when his mind was changed. "I was just completely blown away by it, because it's unlike any Bond film ever, really. Craig is an actor's actor, and there's emotional content to the movie." Wait a second, what the hell is an "actor's actor?" And so does that mean Pierce Brosnan is just a plain old actor? Should he be pissed about that?

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