Venice is burning ... that is, the re-creation of Venice used in the upcoming film Casino Royale. The sound stage at Pinewood Studios, located west of London, was destroyed in a huge fire on Saturday night. Casino Royale (do I really need to remind you that it's the latest James Bond film?) had already finished shooting at Pinewood, but the "007 stage" is alleged to be totally unsalvageable. Fortunately, no one has been reported as injured.

A previous fire at Pinewood in 1984 ravaged the original 007 stage, which was rebuilt in time to shoot A View to a Kill in 1985. After this week's fire, will the next James Bond movie, currently known only as Bond 22, be filmed at Pinewood, or even in the UK? The UK has been fighting to keep British productions filming in this country; the loss of this sound stage is certainly a blow for the country's efforts. A number of Bond films have been shot at Pinewood, as far back as Dr. No in 1962. The fire might also affect Bond 22's release date, which has already been announced for 2008.

[Thanks to reader Rogue Pigeon for the tip.]
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