I'll have to check the files on this, but I'm pretty sure that any sort of collaboration between Brett Ratner and Roman Polanski is a sign of the apocalypse. So, if Ratner can be trusted (ahem), it's time to start preparing for plagues of locusts and whatnot -- he told CHUD last week that not only has he written a part for Polanski in Rush Hour 3 (!?), but that the two are mates, and share a "mutual respect." Ok, I'm not sure which one of those statements caused it, but I just threw up a little in my mouth. Granted, Polanski's always been, well, a bit unusual. But the guy made Chinatown, for the love of God -- how can he respect Ratner? And why on earth would he want to be in a Rush Hour movie? Personally, I suspect Ratner has developed an elaborate charade in which he's pretending to be Steven Soderbergh in his relationship with Polanski, and the poor man thinks he's appearing in Ocean's Thirteen. It's the only possible explanation that I can come up with.

Here's the best part (if you ignore the bit about how Polanski is -- gag -- "a fan") of the Ratner interview, because it reveals so much about his fragile ego: "[Polanski] treats me as an equal, he loves my movies, he's a fan. If I was directing Harry Knowles from Aint It Cool News I wouldn't feel very comfortable – he would be looking at me sideways the whole time. But Polanski gives me respect and admiration and love, so I'm fearless." Do you think Knowles shows up in Ratner's nightmares?

[via Moviehole]
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