Remember that fake gay firemen (hey, they just want domestic partner benefits) flick with the ever-changing cast, and the director who took off because of "big creative differences"? Well, that movie -- properly known as I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry -- officially has its first female cast member. Just so that nobody thinks old Chuck and Larry actually like each other (you know, in that way), Jessica Biel -- and all her female parts -- has been brought on board to star alongside Kevin James and Adam Sandler. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Biel will play the happy couple's lawyer in their court battle to win the partnership benfits. Needless to say, she'll end up being a love interest. Boy, I can just imagine the hilarity: "I like her! But I'm supposed to be gay! Whatever will I do?" I mean, where do they come up with stuff this sharp and new?

The movie is due to start shooting at the end of August under the direction of The Benchwarmers genius, Dennis Dugan.
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