I was trying to think of some clever line about how undercover cops busted the pirates, but it wouldn't come so I'll just give it to you straight: Miami Vice knocked Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest off the top of the box office heap this weekend. In its opening three days, Michael Mann's return to his classic 80s TV show made about $22 million on just over 3000 screens, as compare to POTC3's $20.5 million (from about 3500 screens). The folks at Disney probably aren't shedding too many tears, however, because their movie's domestic haul has now reached a company record $358.4 million in only four weeks of release.

In addition to Miami Vice, John Tucker Must Die also had a successful open this weekend, earning a very solid $14.1 million in its debut. The Ant Bully, on the other hand, was a disappointment for Warner Bros., taking in only $8.1 million from 500 fewer screens than John Tucker. Based on the charts, it looks like all the kids were seeing Monster House instead; the film hung strong with $11.5 million, good enough for a solid fourth place in its second weekend.

And, though it didn't make enough overall to get into the top 20 this weekend, Little Miss Sunshine did great business in just a few theaters, taking in a staggering $50,980/screening.

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