There have been rumors circulating for the last week or so that Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen is close to landing the starring role in a Bruce Lee biopic being put together by Lee's family. According to the most recent reports in the Chinese press, the film's financiers have a series of requirements for the actor who will ultimately play Lee, among them that he be ethnically Chinese, be skilled in martial arts, "a good actor" and, randomly, have Hollywood experience. While Yen is reportedly very interested in the part -- and certainly fits the bill on points one, two and four -- that whole "good actor" thing is open to discussion.

Additionally, some Lee fans are up in arms about the requirement that the film's star have Hollywood experience and, while I don't know enough about Lee to properly weigh in, I have to say I'm inclined to agree. I mean, what the hell is the point? Having appeared in a Hollywood film somehow gives an actor credence? Based on the career of David Spade alone, I beg to differ.

So, Lee fans, assuming this movie actually happens, who do you think should star?
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